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Tom Basso

I could write a book or two on the subject, but let’s sum up my life as “A Very Interesting Ride I’ve Been On.” I’ve had my ups and downs, both personally and professionally. In fact, I just published a new book, The All-Weather Trader, that chronicles my trading life, what I’ve learned along the way and what you can do to push your trading in a more serene direction. In trading sometimes your strategy is heading into the wind, and sometimes the wind is at your back. Still other times the market doesn’t care, and you stay where you are.

Now it’s time for an introduction video on the website.

In trading, over 60% of the time your sneaky smarty setup & ‘’30 minutes reading the chart’’ gives you red days and sleepless nights looking at the chart with a bloody, broken heart.. and distracted mind. Tons of thoughts.. about an unclear trading future.

About 20% of the time… Your 2 minute setup has you in the green in a matter of hours. Life becomes interesting again… Laughs come from your inner heart… ‘’HAVE I FIGURED IT OUT? DID I CRACK THE SECRET OF THE MARKET’’? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Because your red days are more than your green days, you struggle. The market will always give you back a small percentage of your losses to keep you interested and engaged. 

But many times the market doesn’t care and you remain where you are. No movement up or down.

I have received Thousands of DMs, Emails, Messages, Phone calls Asking me for help on 

  • How do I achieve the mindset of a profitable trader?
  • Which strategy should I use to have a blessed trading experience like your’s, Tom?
  • How do I control the fear of missing out?
  • How do I not get hurt by market volatility?
  • How can I control my trading addiction?
  • How can I achieve a quality lifestyle outside of trading?
  • Which Books should I read to leave my 9 to 5 and become a full-time trader 
  • What are the best platforms for simulations and trading?

And much, much more… 

Frequently Asked Questions to Download, (Click here to head to the Learn Store and download free)

All of these questions come to me from around the world AND…

I Try To answer all of them… but it costs me the most valuable asset in life which is time… And over 80% of the time with many of these inquiries, I found myself answering the same questions again and again with the same answers… 

I’ve been enjoying my retirement from the money management industry for the last 20 years, but love to help others. I simply had to find a way to provide lots of educational material on trading in a way that didn’t overwhelm me. The solution? This website!

I have talked about my money management career in various interviews and have mentioned it in a few well-known books. You can take a look at them in the Interviews page. Books to read when starting out on your personal trading journey would be on the Reading page. Various helpful spreadsheets, books, videos, webinars and seminars can be found in the Learn Store. All of my research over a lifetime of trading can be found on the Research page.

On the enjoytheride.world site, You will find my thoughts and suggestions on:

  • Mental Techniques in trading
  • Health
  • Golf
  • Wine
  • Exercise
  • Life Extension
  • Lifestyle
  • Economics
  • Cooking
  • Travel
  • Managing other people’s money

I find almost any topic interesting to some extent, and I love learning. 

I hope you will find what you need here to solve your own personal financial puzzle and you remember to always…


Discipline, Patience, and Resiliency.