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Welcome to our learning tools store! We offer a range of resources to help you develop a personalized and effective trading strategy. Our video series includes 16 comprehensive videos, each approximately 30 minutes in length, covering all aspects of trading that I have learned throughout my career

In addition to the videos, we also offer three books on trading and one on putting in golf. I have collaborated with Laurens Bensdorp of the Trading Mastery School to bring you educational seminars and I developed a spreadsheet that can help traders understand the logic of moving towards more automation in trading called ETR Trading Tools for Excel.

My latest book, The All-Weather Trader, hit the streets in late April of 2023. It covers my trading life, when and how and what I learned along the way and covers the entire trading strategy concept. There’s a chapter on position sizing, one on the mental aspects of trading and discusses how you can create you own unique All-Weather strategy for your portfolio.

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For those who have questions on how to calculate Keltner Bands, size positions, or calculate volatility, we have created an ETR Trading Tools For Excel. This affordable tool includes three popular trend-following models, an Average True Range Calculation, position-sizing models, an example of a conditional indicator, and a sample strategy combining various tools.

While it is not a sophisticated research and trading platform, it is a perfect starting point for new traders and provides an opportunity to create simple automation in your trading process. With basic knowledge of spreadsheets, you can easily customize it to your liking. Enjoy your visit and take advantage of our resources!

Tom gives traders the background on the video series, Creating Your Own Successful Trading Strategy, some of the topics covered, and tells some of the reasons why he thinks it would be helpful to new and experienced traders.