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Blueprint for Trading Success

In Just Two Days You’ll Learn the Keys to Improved Trading Success from Two of the World’s Most Successful Traders

Hosted by Tom Basso & Laurens Bensdorp

October 11 & 12, 2024 (Save The Date!)

Where: Hotel VINCCI SELECCIÓN Aleysa #5, Malaga, Spain

The last seminar was SOLD OUT quickly! If you want to be added to the wait list, email tom@trendstat.com

Spend two days with Tom Basso and Laurens Bensdorp at the luxurious Hotel Vincci Seleccion Aleysa #5, in gorgeous Malaga, Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dear Trader Friends,

Over the last 49 years, I’ve consistently managed my risk and produced returns for clients and later myself in a variety of markets using a variety of strategies. I have developed multiple automated trading systems that deal with up, down or sideways market conditions. I’m well-known for trading systems design, automation in trading and from being tagged as “Mr. Serenity” by Jack Schwager back in the 90’s for my low stress attitude towards the trading process. My recent book, The All-Weather Trader was a best-seller in 4 Amazon categories and talks a lot about systems design and dealing with ALL types of market conditions.


You might know Laurens Bensdorp from his books, “The 30 Minute Stock Trader” and ” Automated Stock Trading Systems: A Systematic Approach For Traders To Make Money in Bull, Bear and Sideways Markets or his work with the Trading Mastery School. He’s helped dozens of traders ramp up the learning curve to success in trading.

I know him as a friend, colleague, and brilliant trader…and now you have the opportunity to get to know him as well, in an intimate two-day workshop I’m hosting with him in Spain soon.  Laurens and I will be hosting fifteen investors like yourself at an elite, private meeting room in the luxurious Hotel Vincci Seleccion Aleysa #5 in beautiful Malaga, Spain, a few step from the Mediterranean Sea. For all of our European contacts, here’s a chance to come to a seminar that is a little closer. For our American traders, here’s a great opportunity for a little vacation with some trading education included.

On Friday, Laurens will share with you how to develop a high-performing, low risk trading strategy built around  your  lifestyle,  your  experience and  your  risk tolerance. He will also show you how to effectively diversify your strategy with multiple, non-correlated systems, so you’ll never worry again about what direction the market is going.  The fifteen investors in attendance will also receive multiple trading systems with a combined, back-tested average annual return of over 30% since 1995 (and with half the risk and drawdown of the S&P 500 ) as examples. You will then be able to understand the development process and put together your own personalized collection of strategies to trade.

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Laurens will also show you his latest system, an inflation hedge strategy that is adding a lot of value to his suite of systems during recent inflation increases. It’s simple, has only two parameters and everyone can adapt this simple strategy to their own portfolio to provide some inflation protection. When you add all the strategies that he will present together as examples of what you can do, you get something that looks like the top line on the chart below:

I will review how to choose the right buy/sell engines for your portfolio out of the thousands of different ways to trade, so you can choose the perfect engine for your lifestyle and portfolio. Included in that topic will be my own personally designed buy/sell engine that we used back in my Trendstat days and continue to use today. I will also cover how to properly size the positions in your portfolio as laid out in my recent book, Successful Traders Size Their Positions – Why and How?


Both days, we will have lunch in the restaurant at the hotel , with plenty of opportunities to discuss trading with Laurens or myself.

Friday night, we’ll have a champagne reception overlooking the Mediterranean and move to a reserved area at the hotel’s wonderful restaurant with a gorgeous view of the sea at sunset.  This should a beautiful venue for dinner and discussions with the rest of the group.  You can bring a spouse or guest, and the meal and wine are on us!


On Saturday morning,  I will show you precisely which instruments you should trade (based on your personality, volume, goals and risk tolerance), as well as how to live a life of serenity, discipline and peace  regardless  of what’s happening with your portfolio (or the world). We also give you an action plan to take with you, so you can improve your trading when returning home. We will then answer questions until you have no more to ask.

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Attendees will also get free copies of our Tom’s: Successful Traders Size Their Positions – Why and How?, and his latest book, The All-Weather Trader. You will also receive Lauren’s new book: Automated Stock Trading Systems, as well as the latest copy of Tom’s “Trading Tools for Excel.”

The meeting room we’ve arranged for is the Penthouse, a luxurious space with large TV for presentation and an area for breaks and conversation. There is only room for 15 attendees.  Laurens and I want it small so that everyone will feel comfortable sharing and asking questions. I’m hoping  you  will be one of those 15.

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Over lunch, dinner and breaks on both days, you will have the opportunity to ask Laurens and me anything you want about our trading philosophy and experience, or about your personal goals and portfolio.

An in-person seminar at a luxury hotel like this with two of the world’s most successful traders could easily be valued at $30,000…even $50,000.  In fact, Laurens normally charges $15,000 per day for one on one training, and in that case, you would need to fly to him in Portugal!

But neither Laurens nor I want to figure out just how much the market will ‘bear.’  

Instead, we want to find a handful of folks on our contacts list who are ready and eager to transform their trading operations into the ranks of the world’s elite traders.

Therefore, we have priced it as low as we possibly can, so virtually anyone can afford to attend. Since our costs are less in Spain than some previous seminars in Vegas or Miami, we reduced the price accordingly.

The price of the two-day seminar is just $4,995.  That includes all the talks by Laurens and me, his proven, back-tested strategies, Q&A time, , breaks, lunch on both days, and dinner on Friday night.  


There are no ‘gotchas  ’.  Whatever we can get through on Friday and Saturday is yours.  We’ll hold nothing back. 

Reserve Your Seat Now

Just so you know…we have sizable waiting list and I am sending an invitation out to this group first. If we don’t fill the seats, we will open it to others we know from social media, those who have bought my book, or subscribed to my website, enjoytheride.world.  Laurens is sending an invitation out to his list as well. I expect the seats to fill up quickly…after all, there are only going to be fifteen seats in the suite! In the past, we filled the slots in 48 hours and had a waiting list. With our busy schedules the list has now grown to more than twice the traders than we have seats.   

So if you’ve been thinking about taking your trading to the next level, if you’ve always wanted to have an elite investor looking over your shoulder, designing a trading strategy that fits you, this is your opportunity.

So to recap, if you join us in Spain, you’ll get an A to Z Blueprint for Trading Success:

  1. A personal profile with a trading strategy built around your lifestyle, risk tolerance and goals
  2. Clarity over who you are as a trader and instructions on how to build a stress-free trading operation
  3. A review of the thousands of buy/sell engines and which ones are best for you including Tom’s own Buy/Sell Engine he used at Trendstat and still uses today.
  4. The benefits of combining multiple, non-correlated systems to diversify your strategy, so you can profit in any market
  5. Several equity trading systems with a back-tested annual return of more than 30% since 1995, including Laurens’ new inflation hedge system.
  6. Instructions on sizing positions and why this is more important over the long run regardless of whether you’re buying or selling
  7. How to create a portfolio strategy based on your frequency of trading, your capital, your risk tolerance and your personality
  8. The mental side of trading, accountability, self-awareness, discipline and managing emotions
  9. A strategy checklist
  10. Free copies of Laurens’ and Tom’s latest books and tools
  11. Several daily breaks and Q&A sessions
  12. Lunch with Laurens and Tom on both days

Plus a fantastic dinner in Malaga, Spain…paid for by Tom and Laurens.

All of this for just $4,995.

Reserve Your Seat Now

If you’ve read this far and click on the ‘reserve’ button and get a message that says we’ve already filled the seminar, I apologize.  We will create a standby list for those of you that want first crack at the next seminar we do and be able to take a spot, should someone cancel. Just email Tom at tom@trendstat.com to get a spot for the next available seminar.

The 17 of us (18 with my wife, Brenda who will be running the seminar) are going to learn a great deal about trading, we’re going to make some new friends, and we’re going to have a great time.  I think it would be a bargain at twice the price!

I hope you will join us in Spain!

Good trading, and enjoy the ride,
Tom Basso
enjoytheride.world LLC

P.S. This may go quickly based on the last seminar! Click to register  Reserve Your Seat Now